The goal of, it's creators, and it's staff is twofold. We are endeavoring to introduce the outdoors to a new audience, as well as heighten the excitement of those who have already experienced the thrill of skipping work and venturing to the nearest river, crag, single-track, or mountain. is for those who are trying to find the perfect balance between work and play.

This website relies a great deal on those who use it. Since many outdoor enthusiasts share the same interests, and take part in a number of sports, we would like to encourage you to share your information with others. If you are a beginner kayaker, but an experienced rock climber, this site offers information on kayaking, and also a place where you can share your rock climbing experience with those who are looking for a little guidance. Essentially, we at are undertaking to become an online community of sharing and exploration.

Our editors and writers don't just write about the outdoors, they get out and experience it. A typical meeting consists not only of the usual exchange of ideas about new articles, and other site related topics, but also who's found the latest and greatest single-track, who's set a new killer route at the local crag, and what the local water levels are at. It is important to us in choosing new staff that they not only have the traditional literary skills, but that they also share our passion for the combination of adrenalin and the outdoors.

We hope to see you when we're out working that hard new sport route, playing on that great new wave, cruising down that gnarly single-track, or floating down a sea of waist deep powder.

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