Water heater leak

Since selling the floodstopper leak detector I've heard numerous horror stories about leaking water heaters from potential customers. I've decided that a few of these were good enough that they should be shared.

My water heater leak made my cabin an ice cube

This story came from a couple who had a vacation cabin in Northern Ontario. They were using the cabin about once a week, and as such just left the heat running enough to keep the pipes from freezing etc. It was September and they had run into a few problems with getting out to the cabin and had missed going out for a couple of weeks. When they arrived they discovered their entire cabin's interior was coated in a thick layer of ice. The water heater had sprung a leak and caused a flood. The flood had subsequently shorted out their electric heat and the water of course froze. The one upside of this was that the freezing water managed to stop the leak, although the entire interior of the cabin was destroyed, as well as most of their posessions that were there.

Shell Buseys water leak

Even famous handyman gurus can experience water leaks. Shell Busey did. Although his was not a water heater leak, but a dishwasher that leaked. Fortunately he had already installed a floodstopper leak detection system and it turned off his water before the leak even became apparent. The only way he knew he had a leak was when he got up to go to the washroom in the middle of the night and noticed his water was turned off. If the leak had been allowed to continue he could have found his whole kitchen and basement flooded by morning.

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