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Tylo Sauna

Tylo Sauna is an all round sauna manufacturer. They offer not only a full line of far infrared saunas, but also steam saunas, and traditional Finnish saunas. Tylo has been around since the early 1950s and have been developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality sauna and bathing products that have helped raise bathing to an art form. Tylo provides saunas for both home use and for commercial or business sauna applications. The Tylö factory is located in a modern industrial area close to the centre of Halm­stad, Sweden. The factory has expanded more than a dozen times since 1959, most recently to give a factory floor area of 30,000 square meters.

Tylo Saunas Features

Since Tylo saunas cover the full spectrum of styles and types of saunas, it is difficult to put together a list of features as each different type offers a wide variety of features. All Tylo saunas come as prefabricated ready to assemble sauna kits. This makes for easier and less expensive shipping, and allows consumers to assemble the sauna in a room where it would not fit through the door fully assembled. Each sauna can be fully customized, so you can choose the equipment and fittings that you would like. They also offer to further customize your purchase if you want something currently not offered.

Tylo seem to be one of the leading sauna manufacturers in the variety of products they offer. While most saunas on the market are quite similar in room design, the Tylo saunas offer a variety of different styles to fit in with virtually any homes decor. From more traditional square wood looks to rounded, to more industrial looking metal saunas that fit into the style of a modern bathroom or change room.

Tylo Saunas Testimonials

"Experience, quality, Tylo heaters, and reasonable pricing. After receiving and using the sauna I know I made a great decision. I know I have a sauna for life. "

Tylo Saunas have been around since the 1950's and offer a full line of sauna products.

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