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Sunlight Sauna

If you have done any research into saunas, particularly of the infrared variety, on the internet you have almost definitely run into an advertisement for the Sunlight brand of far infrared saunas. This is one of the most prominant infrared sauna manufacturers and brands on the internet, most likely due to the huge amounts of advertising. Sunlight Saunas was formed in 1999, and has since flourished an expanded greatly. The were included in the Entrepreneur HOT 100 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 2004, 2005, and 2006. The company seems to have been developed under the often forgotten concept of researching what the consumer is looking for and then providing them with a product that meets their wants and needs.

Sunlight Saunas Features

As mentioned above, Sunlight Sauans seems to be very dedicated to research and development, including their research into what consumers are looking for. Their products have grown and developed over the years into the high end units that they offer today. They have developed a far infrared heating system known as Solocarbon, which uses no wires (they say this will help prevent any type of offgasing of chemicals), and has a much lower operating temperature than traditional ceramic rod infrared heaters. Most far infrared heaters operate at a surface temperature between 300F and 1000F, while Sunlight Sauans solocarbon operate at a low 100 - 200F.

Aside from adding the latest in technology to their products, Sunlight Saunas also does not cut corners on other parts of the manufacturing process. They use only real wood in their products (some cheaper brands will use veneers to cut costs). They also offer a lifetime warranty.

Sunlight Saunas Testimonials

"A quick note to let you know how pleased I am with this Sunlight Sauna purchase.

As you know, there are numerous infrared sauna companies out there. Some were cheaper. However, after doing significant research, we felt your heating system elements were far superior. The unit size also fit within our pre-built sauna room, albeit, not as big. Since this was going in an existing room with little clearance, I was concerned about accessing the assembly easily. I was pleasantly surprised that no tools were needed! It was incredibly simple to assemble. I was impressed! Magnets connections. Great idea.

Anyway, my wife reports that it is working as advertised, and she has already started "detoxifying". Much to my surprise, she even likes the subtle basswood smell. (It's also a great "warm-up" in the winter. It is installed off our master bath, so it is easy to take a shower right away, too.)

I am pleased with your product and I would not hesitate to recommend it to someone."

Sunlight Sauna Models

  • Sunlight Armana 1 Infrared Sauna
  • Sunlight Armana 2 Infrared Sauna

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    Sunlight Saunas are market leaders in the infrared sauna industry and extremely prominant in the market.

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