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Sunlight Sauna KC Magazine - Sauna Sophistication

If you have been looking for a way to sweat in style, look no further. Kansas City's own Sunlight Saunas has been providing sophisticated saunas since 1999, when owners and spouses Connie and Aaron Zack started the business.

Sunlight Saunas now sells all over the globe, with distribution channels in Australia, Sweden and China. Not bad for a company that started as an Internet-only business. Connie says that they also provide accessories in their showroom in Lenexa. "I'm really proud of this line," says Connie. "We spent a lot of time and energy on it."

One nice perk for customers who purchase from Sunlight Saunas - they automatically receive a 20 percent discount on any of the accessories.

But it's not just the extra perks and luxuriousness that the saunas offer. Connie says that the reason Sunlight Saunas are so unique is the health factor. "Our saunas are the only saunas that have been proven to lower blood pressure." That uniqueness, says Connie, is the reason they support the American Heart Association. In fact, Connie and Aaron donated a sauna for the American Heart Association's Heart Ball as well as the AHA's recent Wine Festival (and if you happen to be the lucky person who took a sauna home, I severely envy you).

"We really believe in giving back to community," Connie says. And how! Connie speaks of one glowing review she received from a customer who suffered from arthritis. After nine months of using the Solo sauna, she says she lost 30 pounds and her arthritis disappeared.

If that testimonial hasn't already conviced you, maybe this will. All the saunas are Far infrared, which have numerous health properties. Far infrared heat actually heats the body directly instead of heating the air around it. It raises the body's core temperature and improves circulation and blood flow.

"You really get the health benefits of working out," Connie explains. "Using a Sunlight Sauna a few times a week can lower heart risks and improvement your overall lifestyle without taking tons of meds and other costly alternatives."

The Armana saunas come in four models: Armana2, 3, C and Luxury. "We have two real luxury models," explains Connie. The Armana C sauna comes in cedar or basswood and features removable backrests and large floor heaters for the most beneficial emission of Far infrared waves. "The Armana C is absolutely gorgeous," says Connie. Then there's the Armana Luxury. "This is the sauna that goes outside by the pool or by the hot tub in high-end homes." Connie says, "People really show it off."

Each of the Armanas can be equipped with a high-quality stereo system as well. "We use the same premium sound system that's found in BMWs," Connie adds. With the Armana Luxury, you have the option of equipping your super sauna with an LCD DVD/CD player.

Aside from the Armana saunas, Sunlight Saunas also sells Solor saunas for extreme portability. These saunas can be used on the floor or perhaps a massage table, and are compact enough to be stored after use.

Becaus of Sunlight Saunas, people all over Kansas City - and the world - are benefiting from luxurious saunas. "I love taking care of the customers and meeting their needs," Connie says. "Everyone here works together to achieve that."

By Ciara Reid

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