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Sunlight Armana 1 Sauna

Sunlight Armana 1 Sauna

The Armana 1 far infrared sauna is part of Sunlights flagship line of saunas. It is constructed of Veneer-Free, Grade "A" Clear Canadian Cedar, or can be upgrade to 100% Hypoallergenic Basswood. The longer than normal windows and entire door are constructed completely of tempered glass. Recessed lights run the entire length of the sauna, delivering a soft, ambient lighting. Floor heaters help to ensure each part of the body receives optimal detoxification treatment.

Sunlight Armana 1 Sauna Features

  • Canadian cedar wood and trim or optional upgrade to hypoallergenic Basswood.
  • Quality materials, workmanship and finishing
  • Innovative technology of Solocarbon® heating panels produces longer Far infrared wavelengths at lower temperatures than traditional saunas
  • Largest solocarbon heaters available on the market
  • Soft ambient lighting throughout the sauna
  • Bench seating
  • Lifetime warranty on cabinetry, electrical, and heaters
  • Just plug into a normal 110v wall receptacle; no electrical or plumbing required
  • Portable; disassembles as easily as it assembles. Take it with you if you move
  • Warms up in 10 minutes
  • Much lower operating temperature than traditional Finnish saunas
  • Large tempered glass windows and door
  • Very low operating cost; uses the same amount of energy as your toaster.

Sunlight Armana 1 Sauna Specifications

Exterior Width44.75 in
Exterior Depth41.5 in
Exterior Height75.75 in
Weight251 lbs
Heater Surface Area:3120 sq in
Interior Width37.8 in
Interior Depth31.5 in
Interior Height68.5 in
Bench37 in. x 17 in.
Wood Material:Canadian Cedar or Basswood
Warranty:Lifetime on cabinetry, electrical, and heaters

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