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Steam Saunas

Steam saunas, are a common alternative to traditional dry saunas. They usually operate at lower temperatures than traditional finnish saunas, but at very high humidity levels. Although not as popular in private homes, steam saunas are quite popular in fitness facilities, health clubs, spas and public swimming pools.

Many historians believe that the main reason steam saunas originally became popular was a change in available building materials. As construction changed to using more concrete, saunas took more energy to heat up and stay hot. With the addition of steam to the sauna, the air would feel hotter at lower temperatures, thus saving on energy costs, while still rewarding the bather with a relaxing sauna experience.

Steam Sauna Benefits

As noted previously steam saunas do not require as high of energy consumption as traditional dry saunas do. The higher humidity level found in steam saunas will make them feel much warmer at lower temperatures, thus enabling some users with breathing problems to tolerate them more easily that dry saunas. The humidity also alleviates the skin dryin effect of traditional Finnish saunas. Aromatherapy is also often added to steam saunas to add a relaxing scent to further improve the steam sauna experience.

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