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Saunagen Pro-Health I

Saunagen Pro-Health I

The Sanagen Pro-Health I is the smallest of the Pro-Health sauna line-up. Designed for a single person it is ideal for individuals or those who are limited on the amount of space they have available. Made of Hemlock-Fir, they come complete with cd player, radio, and interior lighting.

Saunagen Pro-Health I Features

  • Low up front purchase cost compared to competitors products
  • Most value for your dollar
  • High Quality materials, workmanship and finishing
  • High quality ceramic far infrared heaters
  • Solid wood construction; not the veneer on particle board that you'll find in some competitors products
  • Interior and exterior digital control panels
  • Interior lighting
  • Bench seating
  • Five year warranty
  • Just plug into a normal 110v wall receptacle; no electrical or plumbing required
  • Comes ready-to-assemble; pre-constructed sides, base and top just snap together; assembly takes approximately 20 minutes
  • Portable; disassembles as easily as it assembles. Take it with you if you move
  • Warms up in 10 minutes
  • Much lower operating temperature than traditional Finnish saunas
  • Tempered glass window
  • Very low operating cost; uses the same amount of energy as your toaster.

Saunagen Pro-Health I Specifications

Outside Dimensions:35.5"W x 35.5"D x 76"H
Inside Dimensions:32.5"W x 30"D x 68.5"H
Capacity:1 Person
Seating Type:Bench
Wood Material / Color:Hemlock Fir / Birch
Heaters / Count:Ceramic Infrared / 3
Door with Window:Yes
Operating Temperature:110F - 125F
Power Usage / AMPS:110V / 10 AMPS
Internal Lighting:Yes
External Digital Control:Yes
Internal Digital Control:Yes
CD Music Player w/ Speakers:Yes - CD Player with Radio
Warranty:5-Year Limited Warranty on Digital Control Panel
5-Year Limited Warranty on Infrared Heaters
5-Year Limited Warranty on Circuit Board
5-Year Limited Warranty on Wood
1-Year Limited Warranty on CD Player

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