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Sauna Brands / Sauna Manufacturers

Historically the sauna market for traditional saunas was not highly brand or manufacture oriented. This could be due to the large number of sauna bathers who would build their own saunas. This led to a great deal of creativity in sauna design. Saunas were created with a variety of different heat sources and out of a variety of different materials.

With the development of the far infrared sauna, this has changed quite significantly. Although the market for the traditional finnish sauna has not been greatly diminished, the infrared sauna has converted a few, and brought a whole new crowd into the sauna market. Numerous sauna manufacturers have sprung up to crowd the marketplace. The most confusing part for consumers is often how alike the different brands of saunas look. Often their purchase choice is coming down only to which accessories come with the product. One of the reasons for the similarity between a few of the sauna brands is that they are often manufactured by the same companies in China. If you are retailing a far infrared sauna product you will be shocked at the number of e-mails you receive from chinese companies hoping that you will import and sell their product. They are also very willing to re-brand their product to any name you would like. In order to help you better choose a brand of sauna, we at "Cindos' Saunas" have put together a list of the more prominant sauna brands. This list is not conclusive, so if you know of a brand that we missed or have input for any of the brands we have looked at, please let us know at

Sauna Brands

  • Finlandia Saunas
  • Saunagen Saunas
  • Sunlight Saunas
  • Tylo Saunas

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