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Sauna Belts

In the past 10 years the sauna belt has taken the infomercial world by storm. These products are designed to be wrapped around a part of your body and then to cause that part of your body to sweat. According to all the advertising on these types of products, this will cause it to "melt fat" and cause you to lose weight and inches in extremely short periods of time.

Velform Sauna Belt

One of the first brands of sauna belts is the Velform sauna belt. One of their ads states that you can lose up to 2 inches from your waist in not 1 month, not 1 week, not 1 day, but in one HOUR. These types of claims have lead to the ads being banned in a number of locations as they are not at all realistic. Science has already shown that spot reduction of fat is not possible, short of lyposuction. The body will pull fat and burn fat stores from whatever place it deems best. It is commonly thought that the weight loss associated with sauna belts is due primarily to the water lost while you sweat wearing it. As soon as you rehydrate yourself, your "gains" are completely lost.

Make sure that if you are considering purchasing any type of sauna belt that you ask your doctor beforehand, and also do a great deal of research. Tons of information is available on sauna belts on the internet and it will provide you with all sides of the decision, rather than just the promotional hype of the sauna belt manufacturers.

Sauna Belts do not spot reduce fat!

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