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Lentek Mosquito Trap Review

Lentek Product Information

The Lentek™ Mosquito Trap uses a number of scientifically tested attractants to lure mosquitoes to the trap. It combines, CO2 (a gas we emit when we breathe), moisture (mimicing human persperation and the water vapour found in our breath), body temperature (thermal imaging), color, and airflow in an effective design to lure mosquitoes to the trap. It then uses a powerful fan in order to suck the mosquitoes out of the air and into a containment area where they subsequently dehydrate and die. Due to this powerful fan, the Lentek mosquito trap will not only capture and kill mosquitoes, but it is also effective against many other blood-seeking flying insects. Traps based on these same premises have been in use for years by universities, State monitoring programs and researchers around the world. The Lentek™ Mosquito Trap uses this traditional trapping approach, combined with the latest in research, to turn the female mosquitoes natural hunting techniques toward seeking out the trap and facilitating capture in a product that private homeowners can use. Only Lentek's™ Mosquito Trap uses all five proven mosquito attractants in one unit!

Lentek Mosquito Trap Testimonial

The trap was very easy to set up and get running. Although some assembly is required it is not nearly as complicated to put together as some of the childrens toys we received last Christams. Of course that could be because my wife was the one who put the unit together. It took her under an hour to have the unit operational in the yard and catching mosquitoes. We were a little worried that when we put the capture bag on that it didn't seem to be catching a whole lot of mosquitoes. We actually got to the point where my wife got me to call the manufacturer and see if they had any recomendations. Amazingly enough, they did. They recommended putting a small rock in the capture bag. According to the Lentek customer support person the problem had been the bag blowing around in the wind which was causing the mosquitoes to get scared away from the trap. Once the bag was weighted with the stone, it no longer blew around and it began to fill up with dead mosquitoes. One of the downfalls we found with this trap was that it requires power from the house. Needless to say you'll want to make sure you have an outdoor outlet to plug it into and a really long extension cord if you have a large property. This is because you normally put the unit far from the house since if you put it where you will be, it will draw the mosquitoes to you. John from Wisconsin More Lentek Testimonials

Mosquito Trap Reviews
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