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Infrared Sauna Benefits

The benefits of far infrared saunas are an often debated topic in the sauna and health industry. Depending on which side you believe, there are a wide variety of potential benefits to partaking in an infrared sauna bath regularly. In most cases, these benefits have not been conclusively proven by independent scientific testing. It does however often make sense that these benefits would occur. The following is a list of potential benefits of regular infrared sauna use.

  • Better Circulation and Increased Energy: Infrared rays penetrate deeply into the body tissue and causes microscopic vibrations or resonance. This in turn stimultates circulation.
  • Weight Loss Benefits: This is a commonly quoted benefit of infrared saunas, although in most cases it needs to be pointed out that most of the weight loss that occurs during a sauna session is due to moisture loss through sweating and will be quickly gained back with rehydration.
  • Cardiovascular Health Benefits: Based on the increased circulation and heart rate that occurs while partaking in an infrared sauna, many people believe it will benefit their cardiovascular health.
  • Detoxification Benefits: Many toxins that would otherwise remain in the body are purged through extensive sweating.

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