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Hot Tubs

There is nothing like emersing your body in a steaming hot tub in the middle of winter. Whether you are looking to relax after a long day of skiing, or just simply want to soak away the cares and worries of the day, a hot tub could be the answer. Originally popular at health clubs and spas, hot tubs have become extremely popular in peoples homes and residences. Many owners swear by their use of a hottub and use it daily.

Choosing a hot tub

There are a number of features to make sure you keep in mind when choosing a hot tub. The first is the size of the hottub. Depending on where you are planning on placing the hot tub, the size may be limited by the area. Remember that you'll want some space around the sides of the hottub to prevent an enclosed feeling and so that people who cannot handle the heat for longer periods of time can choose to sit on the edge. Once you understand your space limitations the next step is to figure out what you will be using the hot tub for? Will you just be using it as a family or will you use it to entertain guests? A smaller hot tub will cost less to heat, and usually cost less to purchase than a smaller hottub. A larger hottub will accommodate more guests or family members.

The next thing to consider is what additional features you would like your hot tub to have. Initially this only involved considering if you wanted jets or not and if so how many. Now there are a huge variety of hot tub jets and covers available on the market. When choosing jets, remember that more is not always better. Many smaller people and children will often find themselves blown of their seats by the more powerful jets, making a less than relaxing hottub experience. In the past few years the electrical accessories of hottubs have also developed from picking the color of your underwater light to full surround sound home theatre systems with pop up DVD screens.

Installing a hot tub

You have a number of options when installing your new hot tub. The first thing to remember is that when the tub is full of water it will way a huge amount, so the base that you put it on will have to be able to hold the weight. You can either choose to mount it as a freestanding aboveground tub or have the top of the tub at floor level of a deck or patio. Often aboveground tubs will have steps leading up to them to make them easier to get into and out of then their inground or indeck counterparts. One of the perks of an aboveground installation is that you have very easy access to the pump and heater in case something goes wrong with the tub.

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