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Hot tub covers

Surprisingly enough, it is the cover of your hot tub that can be the difference between having an enjoyable hot tub experience and having a costly nightmare. The quality of your hot tub cover is instrumental in enoying your hot tub for many years to come. Inferior hot tub covers will allow a great deal of heat to leak out of the hot tub. As heat rises, most of it will collect underneath the hot tub cover. If the cover does not not fit well on the top of the hot tub, or if it only offers minimal insulation your electricity bill can grow to be quite substantial. A decent hot tub cover can also be quite costly to replace so it is important to purchase one that can handle the elements in your area if you are planning on installing it outside. With an indoor installation the hot tub cover has other purposes. It doesn't need the same ability to handle the rain and snow of an outdoor installation, but it does need to be able to insulate well and keep the heat inside the tub. It is also very important that it seal in any moisture or humidity that could escape from a poorly fit or built hot tub cover. High humidity levels in a home can cause mold and damage valuable property.

Replacing a hot tub cover

If you have owned a hot tub for a number of years you will discover that even the highest quality hot tub covers will need to be replaced after a number of years of use. As the insulation ability of the cover deteriorates and the material stiffens and degrades due to the chemicals in the water on one side and the snow and rain on the other side, it's ability to do it's job slowly decreases.

You have a few options when choosing a new cover. You can go with a hot tub cover that was designed for the make and model of the hot tub that you own, with a generic hot tub cover that will fit, or with a custom made hot tub cover. In most cases this decision will be made by the costs of the options as well as what is available in your market. Make sure that if you are having a custom hot tub cover made, or if you are purchasing a model that was not designed for your hot tub that you measure very accurately as this will ensure a proper fit.

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