Vehicle Tracking System

In the past, vehicle tracking systems were used primarily by shipping and transport companies. This enabled them to keep track of a fleet of vehicles from a single location, and also allowed them to determine where a package was en route to it's destination. Cab companies would also use them so that they could determine the closest available cab to a called in pick up location. As the technologies have improved and become much cheaper to utilize vehicle tracking systems are becoming more and more commonplace in family passenger vehicles.

As in all other technologies, vehicle tracking systems were initially only available in very high end vehicles or occasionally as an after-market accessory. This made sense as these more expensive vehicles would make the vehicle tracking system seem like the most economical solution. As the technology has become more readily available, it can be found in a wide variety of vehicles.

Vehicle tracking systems technology

Vehicle tracking system technology has now entered the GPS era. Currently the most popular vehicle tracking technology on the market, there are GPS tracking systems available that their manufacturers say do not require a direct line of site with the sky. This has always been a limiting factor in the past as the most convenient location to mount a tracking was the underside of the vehicle where it would not be noticed by thieves or those individuals that are not aware the vehicle is being tracked. Unfortunately, with traditional GPS vehicle tracking systems, the GPS would need a direct line of sight with the sky and satellite system.

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