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Finlandia Sauna

Finlandia Saunas manufactures traditional Finnish sauna heaters and sauna rooms. They offer the full line of traditional heater types from electric and gas to wood burning. Finlandia sauna rooms are either prefabricated for easy assembly or you can purchase a made to order sauna room where all the parts are pre cut for you, but you have to do the full assembly. These pre-cut Finlandia sauna rooms allow you to completely customize the size of your sauna. One thing to note with Finlandia pre-fabricated sauna rooms is that you need to have a waterproof floor (cement, tile, or vinyl). Another feature to note is that Finlandia saunas are manufactured with 1"x 4" clear Western Red Cedar. This sounds good, but cedar is not usually recommended for sauna construction. The reason is that there is a concern that it will offgas toxic chemicals into the air when heated. It does however stand up to a great deal of abuse.

Finlandia Sauna Features

  • Finlandia saunas are manufactured to your specifications or they also offer pre-fabricated sauna kits.
  • Finlandia sauna heaters are made by Harvia Oy who are known for their superior quality and performance.
  • Large rock capacity for heat storage.
  • Direct rock contact with heating elements-necessary to filter the harsh heat radiating from the 1400 F elements, to eliminate the electo magnetic field for safe and therapeutic bathing: (the bather feels only pleasant, soft heat) and to produce the best steam when water is poured over them.
  • Long lasting stainless steel elements
  • Finlandia offers a scenic heater casing (cases have scenic photographs on them to add to the ambiance of the sauna)

Finlandia Saunas are one of the oldest sauna manufacturers in North America.

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